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Boldly Going Nowhere

Taking the road less traveled by.

18 July
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Greetings from the crazy Scots-lady. My username is Gaelic- yes I should've used Scots-gaelic, shush- it means "Crazy red-head"(or "crazy woman," but whats the difference?) and it suits me frighteningly well.

I'm just one of many weirdos cruising the internet and LJ... I'm never quite sure what to say about myself. I'm rather obsessed with corvids and raptors in general, and maybe a little too proud of my Scottish ancestry. I have a love for religion/culture and photography that is only matched by an addiction to coffee and that ooold 60's music. x) I have an obsession with House that is probably making my friends plot my demise at this point.

If you like talking, music and alcohol, we will be good friends. I think that pretty much includes everyone on earth. Woohoo!

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